This really was the one that got me into Valve stuff, but not in the way you'd expect. I didnt get intrested through playing the game (my shitty chromebook made sure of that) or even watching gameplay videos. I got interested through SFM/Gmod videos. Since I always have loved animation, they easily caught my attention. The really good sfms, like Lil Gaurdian Pyro and End of the line (links below) were the stepping off point into the weird stuff, like ancient shitposts and TF2 Freaks. The already absolute insanity of the lore of this universe and the absolute masterpieces of sentence mixing combined with the absolute creativity of humanity got me sucked down the rabbithole faster than a Scout on Bonk! All with never even touching a game.
Lil Guardian Pyro
End of The Line
I got into Portal basically the same as TF2, but I was more drawn to the music, Still Alive and Want You Gone. I also just really liked the concept of a Portal Gun, imagine being able to travel to a distant (but still within range) area in an instant! I also know, from what little I have seen around the internet, that this game is Really Funny.
Still Alive
Want You Gone
Half life/HLVRAI:
If i'm going to be honest, I personally hadn't gotten into this area of the fandom until HLVRAI. I had kind of stepped away from the whole SFM/Gmod intrest thing for a bit, and came across the video in my reccomended. I took one look, said to myself "OK, this looks pretty good, I better save this for when I can give it my full attention!" And then I forgot about it for about a month. When I finally got around to it, hoo boy. I had finally developed a new intrest after a small lul of not knowing what to do with myself. And boy oh boy, I got into it FAST. But, a limited series of a few episodes/streams can only go so far. I had to go farther. I finally got a Tumblr, and through Tumblr I learned that all the people who made it (RTVS) streamed on Twitch. I personally had never gone on Twitch before this point, and was curious as to what the people who made my intrest did on there. So, I started watching their streams, becoming fans of them. I then realized that they had Discords, but was nervous as how to go about joining them. After all, I hadn't actually talked to people in that type of environment before, and the closest thing i had to it was fucking Miiverse. However, because of boredom due to not having anything to do due to the you know what, I finally got around to it and Joined the Girver (the server of Mastergir (Bubby)). Through that, I joined the rest of theirs including the Discorp, (The server of Scorpy (Benrey)) and there I met the friends of a lifetime. I am forever eternally greatful to them for having such a nice community and helping me find my best friends.
Thank you for helping me find My Universe.
RTVS Twitch Link
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