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Hia there! The name's TheGalacticBucket! Most folks just call me Bucket though (or Buckeye or Buckep or Bucker or ect.) I made this website to exibit my big collection of Blinkies, Stamps, and other virtual oddities I have collected, as well as a few Surprises coming in the future! Just hover over/click anything that looks important! Feel free to use any of my code here on my pages for your own website as well! I am a big fan of the RTVS streamer group, HLVRAI, Half Life and other Valve media like Portal and TF2. Enjoy your stay ([:)]

Oh, and as a treat for actually looking at my about, enjoy Ghost the kitty in the top left of the page! He'll redirect but click back to my page to play! He only goes so far though...

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